Get Cash For Your Car Without the Title

You decided that it is time to sell your old car to a junk dealer. It is beyond repair, it doesn’t run, and it just is not worth trying to sell to a private buyer online. You couldn’t give it away it is such an old clunker! While you can get it off your hands and get a few hundred dollars for it with the help of a cash for junk cars in Detroit, there is one problem.

You cannot find the title. You know you own the car, why else would it be rusting outside in the driveway all this time? All joking aside, you worry that since you do not have the title you are going to be stuck with the car. Actually, there is a solution.

You can sell your car without possessing the original title. You simply need to go through the process necessary to reclaim it. This article will explain how this works.

What is A Car Title?

Some sellers may not be familiar with this document. If this is you, then learning what a title is could be the key you need to find it. This is a paper document, also referred to as a pink slip in some states. It is the document issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles that shows who the legal owner of the car is.

If there is a lender, the title is put in their name as well as the individual buying the car. For instance, if you ever paid off a loan with a car lender, your title would have your name as well as the lender’s name on it. Once the car gets paid off the title gets transferred into your name because you own the car outright. If you find your title and it has the lenders name still on it, you can work with DMV to get it transferred directly into your name and then sell it.

A car title may be called clean or salvaged. A clean title goes to a vehicle that has never been severely damaged or totaled in an accident. A car that has had major damage has salvaged title, and a car that has been reconstructed or rebuilt gets title that is considered rebuilt. If you cannot locate your title anywhere, then you need to start calling the local Grand Rapids MI Junk Car Buyers to find out if they will take it off your hands without this important document.

Find a Reputable Junk Buyer who Will Help with Lost Titles

Even if you had the title, you would still want to search online for a few good junk car buying companies. Each company may offer you a different price for your car. Besides looking for the fairest offer you also need to find a company that will work with you to reclaim the title.

There are some states, and you might live in one, where you can transfer ownership of a vehicle without the title. Few states allow this but during one of your calls to a junk car buying company you might find out that you live in one and are good to go. If that is the case, you can ask for a quote, drop your car off, and pick up your cash.

If you do need to have the title in order to sell it, keep making phone calls to buyers. You want to get about three names of companies along with their quotes for how much they are willing to offer you based on the car’s make, model, year and condition. Of course, be sure these companies work with individuals with lost titles.

If you find a company that will buy your vehicle without the title, you still need to show them your registration and driver’s license to sell the car. They need to have some verification that you are the owner of the car. If selling in your state requires having the title, you will need to go on to the next step.

Reclaiming Your Title

Once you have decided on a company to work with and have found you will need the title to complete the deal, they will walk you through the process of reclaiming the title with the DMV. This involves filling out a form with DMV to reclaim it. Your buyer may be able to help you obtain this form and fill it out although, it should be straightforward.

Remember that each state has its own laws. The junk car buyer will know which laws apply and can help you with the reclamation process. Some states let you apply for a brand-new title as a way of making up for the loss of the old one.

Once you have the title, drop off your car and get your money from the car buying company. Enjoy the feeling of getting rid of that junker and getting cold, hard cash in your pocket!

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