How Cash For Junk Cars Programs Work

How to Sell Your Car to A Junk Buyer

You have seen the ads on television and online. You have heard the ads on the radio. Get cash for your junk car! It sounds great, but you wonder how legitimate this possibly can be. After all, your car is a total clunker and has been sitting gathering dust and rust for a while now. Well, these programs are legitimate and here is more information about how they work.

Things to Know Before Dealing with Junk Buyers

You will be getting paid mostly for the value of the metal and some salvageable parts. This means you can get anywhere from about $150 to $400. Do not be shocked or offended that they are offering you something in this range. This is perfectly normal, and the sum offered is largely based on the economic factors at the time you go to sell. Scrap metal prices fluctuate so the lower they go, the lower your junk car offer is likely to be.

If you are hoping for more money or you really need more than a few hundred dollars, you might want to look at some other options. There may be a buyer out there that is willing to give you more only because they can salvage parts from it and use them to fix another vehicle.

Seller beware. Some unscrupulous buyers know that your car is worth a lot more than what they offer. They can make an offer to you knowing that it has parts that are worth way more than the price they paid you. This is called the reverse lemon syndrome. Do not deal with any junk dealer that has a bad reputation or no reputation in your area at all. A too-good-to-be-true offer is probably exactly that.

Your car does not need to be running to be sold to a junk buyer. It can be, but before you decide to sell to them make sure you cannot get more money for it someplace else if you are looking for more than a few hundred dollars. You could try selling it to a private buyer on Craigslist or AutoTrader. They may offer more because they do want to either fix the car up or use the parts for another project.

Know the Blue Book Value of your car! Go to the Kelley Blue Book website to get a free valuation just so you have this important information handy before you talk money to anyone.

Regarding the title, you may not need a physical copy of it to complete the sale, so do not worry if you lost it. You can provide proof of ownership by your most recent registration or your driver’s license. Some dealers cannot work with you without the title, but they will help you with the steps involved in reclaiming it.

With these things out of the way, let’s go over the steps for selling your car for cash!

How to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

First, as with anything, find out who are the most reputable cash for junk cars buyer in your area from online customer reviews. Check to see how long the company has been in business in your area. The longer they have been operational, the better this is for you.

Now, choose three companies from the top companies you find. You are going to get quotes from all of them.

Why? Because this gives you a good idea of what the real cash value is. A good dealer will give you an honest price and, as discussed, it may not be a lot. It sure is better than keeping that hunk of metal sitting in your driveway. Or, if the vehicle runs, it is likely to be better than making any repairs to it or continuing to insure and register it.

Some dealers have a form online where you can request a quote. Use that to help you get your quotes. Once you find three you can live with, reach out again to find out when you can bring the car by.

The next thing to do is drop your vehicle off at the junk buyer’s place. If it is drivable, it is more economical for you to bring it to them. If it is not, be sure they offer free towing to pick it up. Otherwise, the tow charges can eat into your cash profit. Contact Grand Rapids MI Junk Car Buyers Today!

Finally, you will need to hand over your title or your reclaimed title, if needed. Do not do this until you get your cash in hand! This is important but it is also the last step to completing the deal.

When you find a decent junk buyer, you are sure to have a pleasant experience getting your old car off your hands. You won’t get rich, but you will walk off with several hundred dollars. Oh – and much of your vehicle will be recycled so you will have done a good deed for the planet, too!

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