Questions To Ask When Selling Your Car

Selling your old car or truck does not have to be hard. You do not have to post ads online and wait for a decent buyer to come along or stress about getting a decent offer. Even if it does not run anymore, you can still sell it quickly and get a few hundred dollars for it by selling it to a local junk car buyer.

These are real companies that will pay you real cash for your vehicle. It is ok if it runs or if it doesn’t. It will be sold to them as-is so you don’t have to worry about putting any money into fixing it up. You just get an offer from the buyer and if you like it, drop off your vehicle and pick up your cash.

You probably have some questions about how the process works. When you call the junk car buyers in your area, you want to ask them some basic questions to make sure that selling to them is the right option for you. In some instances, it might be better to sell it to a private buyer through AutoTrader or Craigslist, but if you are pressed for time, and you need the cash, selling to a junk buyer could be the answer.

1 How Much Will You Pay Me for My Junk Car?

Call a few companies in your area after researching them online. Look for those who have been working in your area for years and who have a solid reputation. Call them to request a quote.

They will need to know the make, model and the year of the vehicle. They will give you a rough idea of what they are willing to offer you for your car.

Before you make your calls, it helps to value your car online using the Kelley Blue Book website. This way, you know how much your vehicle is worth and will be able to tell if the buyer is offering you a decent price or not. Get a instant quote from the Grand Rapids MI Junk Car Buyers now.

Remember that most junk buyers need to make some money on the scrap metal from your vehicle. So, try not to expect too much money for it. However, generally, you can expect to get about $100 to $500 even for something in very bad condition.

2 Do I Need the Title to Sell My Car to You?

In most instances yes, you will. If you live somewhere where the laws state that title is not required, you will still need to get ownership verification. The cash for junk cars junk buyer can either help you take the steps needed to reclaim the title or you may be able to sell it based on the proof of ownership that you have through your current registration.

However, even if you have lost the title and need it to sell there are steps you can take to get your vehicle sold. Your junk buyer will help you with this.

3 Will You Come and Pick It Up for Me?

If your vehicle does not run, you may need to pay to have it towed to the buyer. Or, you can have the buyer come and tow it away for you. This may be an additional charge so be sure you are clear about this when you ask the buyer. The cost of the tow will eat a little into your profit but if you can live with it, it is a great convenience to have the buyer come and get the car from you.

If you can, it is usually better for you to drop the car off yourself. It is less expensive, and you can see the place in person to determine if you still want to make the deal or not.

4 Do I Need Keys to Sell the Car to You?

No. You do not need to have the keys. You might need to arrange to have the vehicle towed to the buyer if that is best in your situation, but you can always sell the car whether it runs or not to a junk buyer without the keys. The buyer will explain more details about arranging the drop-off or the pick up when you call them.

5 Can You Come and Pick Up My Car Today?

If your car has died and you are ready to let go of it, ask the buyer if they can pick it up the same day as you call. Some companies will do this but be sure to understand what the charge will be. Also, ask if they need you to be present when they come to get the car. It is not always necessary for you to be there, but you will need to arrange for the buyer to get the necessary documents and arrange a way for you to get your payment.

Ask these questions and you can have your junk car sold in no time and with no hassles!

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